Telugu Typing Software. To type Telugu language in PC/android you need a software let`s download free. google telugu typing software free download.telugu typing software free download.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Telugu Typing Software | Free Download for Windows 10, 7, Xp

 To type in Telugu Language you have to download Telugu typing software. Anu script, English to Telugu, Google Telugu typing software free download. Easy to Install in Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Typing Software:

Typing software is a most necessary software to write some words, letter, sentence. To write in different language you must have their software.

telugu typing software

 Normally, we get English typing software as default. But want to write in Telugu download Telugu typing software. In this case, you can also use English to Telugu typing software.

The following is my handpicked software list of the best Telugu typing software. The softwares are free downloadable with some special features.

1. Google Telugu Typing Software Free download

 We know google is the most popular search engine. But do you know?  Google have the best typing software as Chrome extension.

google telugu typing software

It is not only for Telugu, also for all Indian local language. You can type by your PC keyboard.

Extension: DOWNLOAD

Software: DOWNLOAD


  • It enhances your typing skill.
  • Improve typing accuracy.
  • Platform: Chrome Browser.
  • Helps to learn letter wise typing skill.(A = ఆ)
  • A virtual popup keyboard.
  • Auto Text- This option helps to provide a match for a letter or word.

2. English to Telugu typing software free download

To write easily in Telugu, the best way use to English to Telugu typing software. In internet various tool are available for translate. But the Best tool is Google translator. The translator’s have  500 million users with  103 translatable languages.



  • Use from keyboard
  • Voice to text with translate.
  • Upload photo of paragraph & Translate easily.
  • Also, can use phone camera to instant translations.
  • Available in offline for mobile apps.

3. Anu Telugu typing software free download

Anu Telugu typing software is also a popular software to write Telugu in your PC. Anu graphics system developed anu script. This anu script is a Telugu typing software for Windows 10, Free download.

   Anu script have various version like anu script manager 7.0,5.0,4.0. I have shared the latest version. Hope you helped by this software.



  • Efficient layout.
  • Easy to access.
  • Speed programs.
  • Fast typing.
  • Also, for Windows 10.

4.  Lekhini Telugu Typing Software Free Download

Lekhini is a great typing tool which helps you to write Telugu online. You can write messages, Emails, FB posts easily. This online tool used by students who don't have PC or any software to type Telugu.



  • A free online software.
  • Auto English to Telugu translate.
  • Telugu fonts.

5.  English to Telugu Typing App

english to telugu typing app

I have already provided more about software. Now I am sharing the English to Telugu typing app which is free. It can be installed to your android phone. Its help to write firstly because of prediction features.



  • English to Telugu Translate.
  • Auto predicted words.
  • Very fast typing app.
  • Online and offline both works.
  • Change background image.
  • Best rated app forever.

6. Telugu voice typing software for windows

 Are you unable to type Telugu, wait I have a solution. Just visit  below link And enable your microphone. Start speaking your “mann ki baat”.


             Here I have shared the most popular software. By these softwares you can type easily story, mail, messages etc. There are top  Telugu software, choose one which you most liked.

        Hope you will get the exact  software and app which you are finding on google. You can install it on your Windows 10 and Windows 7 computer with 32-bit & 64-bit OS.


Which is the best Telugu typing software ?

In my opinion, Google Telugu Typing software is the best software to type Telugu easy and first. Because you can download it to your mobile, Desktop even for your most using browser Google Chrome.

How can I type Telugu typing in computer ?

Yes, Of course. In The above article, top  Telugu typing softwares are available. Just download and enjoy.

 How can I type in Telugu online?

Hey! You can also type Telugu online. Just install Google Chrome extension. The download link is available on above.

Is Telugu typing software for MS Office?

Hmm, Sure. By installing these softwares you can type in MS Office like MS Excel, MS Word, notepad etc.

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